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News and updates

The paper describing the latest version of the Quasar catalog, updated through DR7 is now here. The catalog data is available here.

Should the main SDSS DR7 archive go down for an extended period, as it did in mid-Feb 2010, we recommend that users bookmark these alternative sites, which host exact copies of the DR7 CAS database, for use if the main site is unavailable: A) U Chicago mirror http://sdss.lib.uchicago.edu B) UK Portsmouth mirror http://www.sdss.org.uk (UK site has a functioning CasJobs batch system with independent MyDB databases).

A paper with technical details describing the SEGUE portion of SDSS-II is available.

A paper with technical details describing DR7 is available.

2008 October 31: DR7 is released to the world!

Read What's New in About DR7.

The Web interface for SN has been updated through season three (Fall 2007)

The runs available are listed at: SN Run List Please let us know if you have trouble accessing the data. Important note: All runs except for 5610 and 5666 are rerun 40. These two runs are rerun 41. You need the rerun number when downloading the fpCs and fpObjcs from the DASsn.
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